Safe Haven's multimedia educational programs reach four counties with over 15,000 students in grades 1-12. Teachers and students alike are enthralled by our presentations! Programs are conducted off-site (in the schools) and on-site (at our sanctuary). We now have high school programs as well as those for younger grades.


Teacher comments include: “Good discussion, great for all age levels, nice graphics, good lead in questions and follow ups.” “Smiley, happy instructors (and patient), lots of facts presented in an organized and interesting way, lots of interaction with students.” “The entire presentation was outstanding.”


Our newest offerings include:


  • Bears of the World incorporates geography, showing the range of bear species worldwide and gradually narrowing down to the state level. The presenters uses footage of Safe Haven’s native orphaned black bear cubs and describes how we provide rehabilitative care to to prepare them for release.
  • Safe Haven Wildlife tells the stories of our rescued wildlife, who include former exotic "pets" and animals that were orphaned or injured in the wild.
  • Native Nevada Wildlife focuses on how our indigenous animals are adapted to desert living, and how small prey animals have developed creative ways of defending themselves.
  • In development—a unit on the exotic pet trade for high school students.


Safe Haven's presentations are tailored for specific age groups in order to reach children and young people at their level of understanding. We also have programs fro special-needs and at-risk children. We are deeply committed to our mission of humane education. Cruelty to animals is a proven predictor of antisocial behavior and violence, and we feel a great urgency in reaching youth with positive messages about wildlife.


Off-site programs include DVD presentations, lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on activities.


On-site programs also include viewing of wild animals that have permanent placement at Safe Haven. Viewing takes place from outside the perimeter safety fence of our refuge. Wild animals preparing for release are not included in any presentations, as exposure to people causes stress and contributes to habituation to humans.


Safe Haven's educational programs have been supported by grants from:

  • Community Foundation of Western Nevada
  • Gannett Foundation (through the Reno Gazette-Journal)
  • Franklin J. Koch Animal & Charitable Fund (through the Nevada Community Foundation)
  • On Shore Foundation
  • Aileen S. Andrew Foundation.

For more information on education, outreach, and special projects, please contact our Director.