Sponsors will receive:

  • A thank-you letter and information about your animal
  • An adoption certificate
  • A photo of your animal
  • Regular updates on your animal
  • Safe Haven's newsletter (twice a year)
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting our wildlife


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Safe Haven's permanent placement residents are available for one-year sponsorship. Make your selection(s) below. There is a link to review your order at the bottom of the page.You may change quantities when you review your order. Our secure transactions are processed by PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards. You do not need to have a PayPal account.


Mojave Moe (desert tortoise)—Safe Haven's first reptile! A Newmont Mining employee found Mojave Moe strolling around her neighborhood. $25 annually.

Cheyenne (red fox)—Cheyenne came to us in Spring 2006, as a tiny, sickly, and emaciated orphan. She is now a true beauty, thanks to countless hours of tender loving care. Her weakened immune system prevented us from returning her to the wild. $30 annually.

Juno (silver fox)—Juno was an illegal pet, one of over sixty animals that animal control authorities confiscated from a McHenry County (IL) residence. He became a permanent resident of Safe Haven after his case was processed in court in February 2006. $35 annually.

Annabelle (coyote)Annabelle was found abandoned as a pup in the Tahoe area. She has overcome malnourishment and parasites and now has a home at Safe Haven for life. $40 annually.

Marabelle (coyote)—Marabelle was an orphaned coyote pup that desperately needed a home. She was referred to us by the Nevada Dept. of Wildlife. $40 annually.

Isabelle (coyote)—Isabelle (pictured at 4 weeks old) was the only survivor of a litter of four that were orphaned when their mother was shot. She was three weeks old when she came to us in Spring 2012. $40 annually.

Jasper (African serval) Jasper is a former "exotic pet" who was abandoned on the streets of Hollywood, CA. When he was rescued, he had a deep puncture wound on his rear paw. $50 annually.

Phoenix (bobcat)—Phoenix was an illegal pet who lived in a small suburban apartment until she was confiscated by authorities. Naturally unsuited to apartment living, she now thrives at Safe Haven with the specialized care required by animals who were born to be wild. $50 annually.

Bobzee (bobcat)—Bobzee was bottlefed as a cub and lovingly raised as a pet, but in spite of her upbringing, she reverted to her wild ways and became an escape artist. Her owners placed her with Safe Haven knowing that she would thrive in the kind of environment that we can provide. $50 annually.

Kiki (Canadian lynx)—Kiki was surrendered by an elderly owner in Iowa who could no longer care for his "collection" of exotic animals. Habituated to humans, declawed, and with her teeth filed, she would be unable to survive in the wild. $60 annually.

Cooper (cougar)—Cooper, was born and orphaned in Washington in September 2004; he was placed with Safe Haven that November. He is the only cougar that was raised from infancy at Safe Haven. $75 annually.

Max (cougar)—Max was one of 20 big cats housed in wretched conditions by a "collector" in Texas. Age 10-12 when he was rescued in 2011, he had had spent his entire life confined to a 12x12-ft. stall. $75 annually.

Savannah (cougar)—Savannah and her brother Tahoe (d. 2010) lived in a roadside zoo in New Hampshire until they found a better home with us. Cougars consume 3% of their body weight in meat per day. For a 200-pound cougar, that's six pounds of meat every day! $75 annually.

Choi-Hu—Siberian tiger

Choi-Hu (Siberian tiger)—Choi-Hu was placed with us in November 2009 when her owners in the Seattle area had to give up the residential property where they had kept her. Her rescue was an emergency placement that we were able to accomplish on very short notice. Sponsor Choi-Hu for $200 annually.

Choi-Hu—Siberian tiger

Syber (Siberian tiger)—Syber and Gage (below) were placed with us in May 2012 when their sanctuary in Ohio closed. We were committed to keeping the two long-time friends together. Sponsor Syber for $200 annually.

Choi-Hu—Siberian tiger

Gage (Siberian tiger)—Gage and Syber (above) were placed with us in May 2012 when their sanctuary in Ohio closed. We were committed to keeping the two long-time friends together. Sponsor Syber for $200 annually.

Choi-Hu—Siberian tiger

Ifaw (African lion)—Ifaw was originally rescued from a roadside exhibit in Iowa in 2001. He was placed with a large Texas sanctuary, but he had to be moved once again in 2010 when that facility was closed due to overcrowding and lack of funds. He finally has a forever home at Safe Haven Sponsor Ifaw for $250 annually.

Choi-Hu—Siberian tiger

Kuvo (African lion)—Kuvo was originally rescued from a roadside exhibit in South Dakota. The animals were left to die when the exhibit could no longer support itself. He was placed at a Texas sanctuary that closed in 2010 due to overcrowding and lack of funds. He was transferred to Safe Haven, where he finally has a permanent home. Sponsor Kuvo for $250 annually.

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