Prior to being placed with Safe Haven, Wiley was hit by a car when he was only one year old. He was found injured by local ranch employees on the side of the main road, just a mile outside of our sanctuary. Wiley was quick to recover after being treated for several minor injuries and was welcomed as a Safe Haven permanent resident.

Wiley is incredibly timid and shy, and will do just about anything to avoid humans. He is known for sprinting in the opposite direction when he sees us coming, so our staff must do its best to not startle him or make him feel trapped.

We’ve recently completed the construction of Wiley’s new, spacious enclosure, which is located in a more remote area of our sanctuary and allows him much more privacy. One of things that Wiley does enjoy are his rope toys with hidden treats – just as long as we are out of his sight.

About Coyotes

Common to northern Nevada, coyotes primarily build their shelters in the ground. From building burrows to new hiding places for food and toys, coyotes are constantly digging. In the wild, coyotes have been known to walk on their toes to escape detection.

About Wiley

Common Name: Coyote

Gender: Male

Age: 2 years old

Price to Adopt: $50

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